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Stephanie Benight, PhD

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Stephanie Benight, PhD

Stephanie Benight, PhD

President and Principal Scientist
Tactile Materials Solutions LLC
Dr. Stephanie Benight is a materials leader with a technical background in chemistry, polymers, and materials characterization and a demonstrated track record in business development and strategic partnerships. Stephanie founded Tactile Materials Solutions in 2019, a consultancy with laboratories in the San Francisco Bay Area. Through Tactile Materials Solutions and her prior experience, she has advised several companies, including start-ups, attorneys, and large corporations, on matters where polymer materials and chemistry are involved, including commercialization, rigorous testing and failure analysis, product development, and go-to-market approach. She is a board member of the Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Alliance (PAMA) and is a world-recognized expert with respect to photopolymer AM. She has led and conducted root cause and failure analysis investigations of plastics, adhesives, and coatings used in commercial products such as medical devices, consumer electronics, equipment components, and wind turbine blades, among others. In her investigations and research, she also has performed research in the areas of polymer mesh, PFAS, liquid crystals, electro-optic materials, organic electronics (e.g. sensors, transistors), next generation (e.g. optical) computing, and additive manufacturing.


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