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Thomas Vretis

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Thomas Vretis

Thomas Vretis

Lead General Engineer, Expeditionary Advanced Manufacturing
US Army DEVCOM Armaments Center
Tom has worked as an engineer with the US Army since January of 2018. Previous experience includes working with an academic manufacturing research laboratory where he gained invaluable experience using a broad portfolio of advanced manufacturing technologies, including metal additive manufacturing, while contributing to various projects for customers such as General Electric, Army Research Lab, DARPA, and many others. Since joining the Army team, he has played a crucial role in the development of the Rapid Fabrication via Advanced Manufacturing on the Battlefield system, also known as R-FAB, which is a deployable machine shop that utilizes AM capabilities to provide critical support to Army units at the point of need. In 2021, he led a team to successfully design, integrate, and demonstrate the US Army’s first expeditionary system with metal AM capabilities, and continues to push the envelope to deploy various AM processes to support ever-evolving applications in the field. He is dedicated to ensuring the best possible technologies end up in the hands of our Warfighters to enable increased Army Readiness and lethality.


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