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Fon Davis

Event Speakers
Fon Davis

Fon Davis

Creative Director
Fonco Studios
Fon Davis is a creative director at Fonco Studios, an instructor at the Stan Winston School, and a guest host on several nerd-related shows. He creates and develops a variety of projects, frequently using his broad knowledge of entertainment and visual storytelling. In his three-decade career, Fon Davis has worked on over 40 feature films, countless music videos, commercials, TV shows, and other projects. As an alumnus of the Industrial Light and Magic's Model Shop, Fon has worked on Starship Troopers, Galaxy Quest, and Pearl Harbor feature films, as well as the Star Wars,Terminator, Matrix, Mission Impossible, and Jurassic Park franchises. Fon has worked in Disney's art departments as a concept designer/model maker and on several stop-motion projects including The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. Fon’s vast expertise in model making for cinema, from concept design to virtual production, makes him an excellent choice for this speaking session.


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