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Robert Higham

Event Speakers
Robert Higham

Robert Higham

Founder & CEO
Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.
Robert Higham is founder and CEO of Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. (AMS), a UK-based company that offers innovative solutions for a sustainable manufacturing future. Robert is a Chartered engineer and has worked in various sectors such as academia, motorsport, space and aerospace. He has extensive expertise in additive manufacturing (AM). AMS provides a range of services and products to help businesses harness the power of AM and increase their technological performance. AMS develops and delivers high-quality metal powders for AM, provides comprehensive testing and analysis services to validate the quality and performance of AM materials and processes, helps customers design and optimise their products for AM, and develop and implement their AM strategy. Robert is passionate about finding solutions that benefit his customers, his partners, and his planet. He envisions a future where manufacturing is more sustainable, efficient, and innovative. He harnesses the power of cutting edge computational capabilities to create new materials and processes that lead the world in quality and performance. He is a leader and a visionary in the field of AM.


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